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Why Woodwarm Stoves?

If you don't have a stove from Woodwarm Stoves (a market leader in Clean Burning Wood and Multi Fuel heating), here is why you should!

Woodwarm stoves:
  • keep their glass clean, even overnight,
  • burn wood or fossil fuels,
  • get the maximum use from your fuel (70-80+% effecient),
  • have a wide range of unrivalled boiler, canopy, fuel, colour, leg, handles, plinth, pedestal, options,
  • are hand-made here in the UK
  • last indefinitely with correct maintence (Some Woodwarm fires are still in use some 30 years on.)
Woodwarm continually assess consumer trends and is customer focused and driven. Throughout their product development procedures, attention is paid to detail, creating innovative and contemporary products; all manufacturing specifications and materials are exhaustively tested.

Woodwarm is an innovative company based in beautiful Devon, and is unique and pro-active in understanding the importance of lifestyle trends and in putting the customer first.

Woodwarm markets stoves through a network of highly-qualified showrooms and installers all over the UK.

Woodwarm Multifuel and Wood burning heating at its best.

The Devon Stoves Ltd. Range of Stoves


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